The Auburn Educational Foundation (AEF) is a nonprofit corporation, whose purpose is to assist in the realization of the Auburn School Department’s mission and vision by supplementing its budget through charitable giving, fundraising and the solicitation of grants on a nonprofit basis. The foundation is a tax-exempt organization.

Incorporated in July 2010, AEF’s long-term goal is to be a sustainable effort that is supported with community involvement as well as alumni and corporate sponsors. The Foundation plans to raise money through community-based activities, projects, gifts and donations.

Funds generated from the foundation will enable schools to engage in projects and programs to accomplish the following:

  • Provide educational opportunities to our students or graduates,
  • Further the educational goals of the Auburn Educational Foundation,
  • Promote the professional development of Auburn School Department staff, and
  • Improve the Auburn School Department’s educational facilities.

AEF’s Officers/Directors are as follows: